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Botanybabe balms


Botanybabe lip balms are made locally in Humboldt County with organically grown calendula flowers from a small, family farm. Every tube of Botanybabe lip balm starts with a moisturizing, protective, and healing base of calendula-infused, extra virgin olive oil, pure bees wax, vegetable glycerin, and vitamin E.  From there, Botanybabe add fresh, active botanicals to create unique, soothing, and uplifting balms. 

Fans of Botanybabe Calendula Lip Balm Say...

"Its definitely my number one cosmetic, so happy I discovered it." Erica, California


"It is really quite excellent. A mighty fine balm in my humble opinion. It tastes and smells great in a subtle way. And it leaves the lips feeling luscious, better than they were before they met. That’s basically what you want in a lip balm." Noah, California


"LOVE the lip balm and find that it stays on for much longer than the Burt's Bees." Jennifer B., Texas

"I've been using this for years. The catmint is my favorite. Great product. I love it!" Linda, California

"The Honey chai balm is super smooth and smells just like a chai latte! I LOVE IT!" Jon, California

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